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Jack Hunt doesn’t take his subject matter too seriously, which is probably good for a guy who deals in zombies and the post-apocalyptic. I had a chance to ask him a few questions.
What’s the key to getting a reader to buy into a post-apocalyptic thriller?

If I knew that I would be making millions 🙂 There are two types who read in this market. Those who take everything too damn serious and those who don’t. It’s a balancing act feeding both. Get a good cover. Study those who hit the top ten on a regular basis. This applies to any market. There is a reason they are there.

The electrical grid has collapsed. What’s in your backpack?

This will vary from person to person and some folks will argue about it. I recommend googling some of the bug out bag stuff. Ways to purify water, MREs for food, ways to start a fire without matches, tarps to stay dry, ham radio for communication, sanitation to stay clean, first aid kit, knife and a Glock, maps, etc.
Cormac McCarthy or Margaret Atwood?

Cormac only because I watched the movie The Road.

What’s your favorite zombie movie?

Day of the Dead. Was one of the first I ever saw. But I also like Shaun of the Dead as it was funny and some folks can get way too serious in the post-apocalyptic genre.

Where’s the worst place to be during a zombie invasion?

In their stomach.

Jack Hunt is a writer of horror, sci-fi and crazy stuff that might make you choke with laughter or groan. He’s the bestselling author of the War Buds series.