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Cat Jordan writes young adult romance and science fiction for HarperCollins. I had a chance to ask her a few questions.
The protagonist in Eight Days on Planet Earth is a boy. What influenced your choice to write across genders?
Initially I had assumed I would write it from an omniscient POV but then I heard Matty’s voice in my head one day and it just flipped a switch in my brain. I couldn’t not hear it once it was there. This is the very first thing I’ve ever written from a male POV and it came quite easily. By the way, my first draft had a lot more profanity. My editor told me to cut it back by a third – readers still think it’s a lot.
Ray Bradbury or Harper Lee?
Bradbury, no question. I love his bittersweet stories, his romantic reminiscences about his childhood, and his wonder at the vast universe. I was fortunate enough to meet him twice not long before he passed away. He was incredibly generous to writers, never patronizing or rude.

How do you deal with the negative reviews every successful writer inevitably gets?
I don’t drink, unfortunately – or maybe that’s fortunate, since I do get my share of negativity. I used to internalize it and worry that I was a terrible writer – nay, a terrible human being! – until I realized every single writer I know and admire has gotten bad reviews. When it’s a trade publication like Kirkus or PW, it definitely stings but poor reviews on Goodreads or Amazon also bum me out. Most of the time I remind myself that not every book is for every person and what I love someone else might detest. It also helps to see what else a reader has given a one-star to. The last 2-star review of my book came from a person who have Stephen King’s IT just one-star so yeah, you have to consider the source.
Your favorite season is…
Fall, specifically October. I’ve loved it in every place I’ve lived, east coast or west, north or south.
What’s on tap for 2018?
I’m between book projects right now, although I’m finishing up two outlines. I hope to begin one in the New Year. I’ve also got some writing events planned: a couple of school visits, a bookstore event, and the Southern Kentucky Book Fest in April, which will be the first festival I’ve ever been invited to attend! Very excited for that.

The worlds I create now as an adult are based on my travels from coast to coast in the US, to Europe and Mexico and Canada, and on the people I have met and loved and admired and feared. And dogs.
Currently I live in Los Angeles. With my dog.