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Salvador Mercer is one of those great writers who flies under the radar. I caught up with him for an interview to chat about his new foray into science fiction and technothriller writing.
You’ve been successful writing fantasy, what got you over to the sci-fi/technothriller side?
I write what I’ve read and I’ve been a huge fan and reader of Science Fiction and Technothrillers my entire life. While the fantasy genre allows me to escape into a magical world, Sci-Fi and contemporary thrillers are a nice change of pace. I enjoy writing in the here and now, with a slight bend on the setting. (my current, and only, series is set in the near future) I’ve always been interested in space exploration, science, technology, military history, and geo-political events, so it came naturally to me to write a series that combined both elements of what I have a passion for.
Would you choose to time travel to the future or past. Which do you choose?
I’m a history buff, so I’d probably go back and see what has happened, and I mean way back. I’d love to go back four to five billion years and see the formation of our solar system, and what caused our planets to form in the manner they did. I’d definitely want to see the major ages, including the dinosaur era, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods. The evolution of mankind a million or two years ago, and the rise of civilizations right before we have our earliest documented histories would be my most interesting things to see.
Andy Weir or Michael Crichton?
Weir wrote a very compelling story that resonated with me back in 2012 when I purchased his original book at 99 cents before his publishing deals. However, without giving away my age, I’ve been around for a long time, and I have been exposed to Crichton’s works, which are considerable. My personal favorites, as written stories, not movies, include The Lost World, Eaters of the Dead, Sphere, Congo, and Rising Sun. Some movies did his books justice, some didn’t.
What’s your favorite way to connect with fans?
I enjoy reading public reviews, but the best is when someone emails me either through my contact page on my website or via my direct email address. I also enjoy social media posts and the like. It’s always a pleasure to hear from readers.
Are there more books coming in the Discovery series?
Yes. The third and final book will be out on January 22, 2018 and it wraps up the story arc in an easy to read trilogy format. After that, I’m pondering my options between Space Opera and more Technothrillers with a geo-political emphasis. I’m fluent in three languages so I love to write about other countries, their culture, and political forms of governing.

Salvador Mercer loves to read. Having read the works from Tolkien, McCaffrey, Donaldson, Asimov, Burroughs, Crichton, and many others, the desire to write took over the once sane man and now he finds himself immersed in telling tall tales and intricate fables from this world, and across the stars to many others.
His stories are inspired by past author greats, but written and moved forward by Mercer who sincerely hopes that the stories delight and entertain the reader. He invites you to enter the worlds and realms of his books, and hopes you share with him your experiences there.
Salvador Mercer is fluent in English, Russian and Spanish, having served in the US Army, 750th Military Intelligence Brigade as a Russian Voice Intercept Operator, works in the field of Public Transit, loves languages, history, reading, boating, traveling, and science. He lives in Ohio with his three boys, a baby (elf), toddler (hobbit), teenager (orc), and wife, Masha.