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Nathan Goodman is a terrific and best-selling thriller writer. I’m currently reading Protocol One which is fantastic! I had the opportunity to talk with Nathan about his work and his life.
Protocol One is an international bestselling espionage thriller series. When you started writing the first book, did you ever think it would get this big?
Every author has high hopes that his books will reach the masses, but to tell you the truth, no matter which author you talk to, we’ll all tell you we have plenty of self doubt. Even when Steven King puts out another book, he’s thinking “What if they hate it? What if they find out I’m a fraud and that I really don’t know what I’m doing?” With me, it’s no different. So, it’s been awfully humbling to have a series that has been so well received.
David Baldacci or Daniel Suarez?
Although I appreciate Baldacci, I’ve got to say, I don’t spend my time reading thrillers. I know it’s unusual that a thriller author doesn’t read every book in the genre, but that’s me. I read a thriller, a book on writing craft, a classic novel, a Pulitzer prize winner, a piece of classic literature, then maybe another thriller.

You’re giving away the first book in your series for free. Has this strategy paid off?
For book one in my series, Protocol One, I pursue a two-pronged marketing strategy. On the one hand, if a reader finds it through an advertisement, or through a list recommendation, the reader can get Protocol One free. However, if they go to Amazon or another retailer, Protocol One is a paid book like any other. I think that having the book for sale shows readers they are getting something of real value. Those that get the free copy are agreeing to sign up to my email list, and they are okay with that. It’s what has helped me reach my readers when another book comes out. The strategy has worked very well.
What’s the most difficult aspect of writing a female lead character?
The fear that I’m not getting it right! The good thing is that I’m the only male in my house. Everyone else is a female, and that includes the dog. So, I’ve got three females to ask questions to. They keep me on my toes and make sure I’m not steering into an area that female readers would feel is not accurate.

What are you working on now?
What I’m really working on now is the new addition to our family. In November we said goodbye to our sweet dog, Cassie, who inspired a canine character named Coconut in Breach of Protocol. Coconut helped my lead character, Agent Jana Baker, with her PTSD. Our family just adopted a knuckleheaded German Shepherd named Ripley. She came to us from Animal Control after having been pulled out of a home where she was not treated well. She’s a sweet dog and is becoming quite attached to us. Every day is an adventure.
I am starting two other thriller series. One has a brand new female lead. Look for book one in that series in the summer of 2018. The other series is an offshoot of a character that was introduced in Rendition Protocol. On top of that, I’m ghostwriting a memoir and a fourth fiction book for another client. It’s a busy time!

Nathan Goodman lives in the U.S. with his wife and two daughters. His passions are rooted in all things outdoors: the health of our beaches and oceans, especially the success of the sea turtles, camping, and hiking. He has two “bucket list” items: to live on the beach, and to one day hike the 500-mile camino trail across Spain. Where writing is concerned, the craft has always been lurking just beneath the surface. In 2013, Goodman began the formation of what would later become his first novel, The Fourteenth Protocol. It quickly became a bestselling terrorist thriller.


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