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Matthew Farrell is riding high these days. He’s currently sitting at the #9 overall author spot on amazon, with his October 1 release WHAT HAVE YOU DONE chilling at the #2 paid Kindle spot. I missed him at Bouchercon (because I skipped it) but we still got the interview in.

Right now, What Have you Done is sitting at the #2 spot on amazon. Not just for thrillers (you’re #1 there) but all books! Give us some idea how you achieved this. Witchcraft? Pagan sacrifice? I know plenty of authors who wouldn’t think twice about opening up a goat to be where you are.

Haha. Well, I can confirm that there was blood, sweat and tears involved, but no goats. Working with Thomas & Mercer has been a dream. They know how to get the right kind of books into the hands of the readers who like to read them. They believed in the story from the very start, and made sure the right kind of readers had an opportunity to experience a new writer. I’ll be forever grateful. As for witchcraft, I can say that the first draft of WHAT HAVE YOU DONE was written in 1998, so it’s taken 20 years of writing, honing, editing, working on many other manuscripts, more editing, finding my voice, and more editing to get to this point. I think the writing gods could finally appreciate the work and perseverance I put into my writing over the years and finally cut me a break.

What books did you read as a kid?

I started reading Stephen King in the 6th grade. In fact, at one point my teacher took the book away from me and called my mother to ask if she knew I was reading such adult material. My mother responded that not only was she aware, but she’d bought the book for me. That was a nice little triumph for me! Prior to that I was into Choose Your own Adventure and Hardy Boys. I’ve always been drawn to mysteries.

What has your experience with Thomas & Mercer been like? How is working with an amazon-owned publisher different from a Big-5 New York publisher?

As I stated before, working with Thomas & Mercer has been an absolute dream. I’ve been able to meet some of the most incredible people in the business, and they all work for Amazon Publishing! The Thomas & Mercer crew are supportive and always there for me. They know how to get the books out, and other brand names in the industry are taking notice. We’ve signed Patricia Cornwell, Randall Silvis, Lee Goldberg, and others. Thomas & Mercer is the place to be.

Michael Connelly or Lee Child?

Michael Connelly. I’m a police procedural guy all the way. (Sorry Lee)

What are you working on next?

My next thriller, I KNOW EVERYTHING is scheduled to come out on August 6th 2019. That’s all I can say for now because we’re still working on the proper blurb and description.

Matthew Farrell lives just outside of New York City in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two daughters. You can follow him at Matthew Farrell Books on Facebook, @mfarrellwriter on Twitter and for more details as the next publication date approaches.
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